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Jordan Jansen at 11 singing and playing "I'm Yours" at the end of the  term's guitar lessons.
Recorded in real life and real time with no edits.Drums by Terumi Zirkler and  lead guitar back up from Steve Zirkler.
Jordan's in High School now & continues working on developing a music career.
Last time I checked, this video had over 3 million hits on it.  . Good luck !
Steve Zirkler's youtube video doing a tenor ukulele version of Ben Harper's song Forever.
Train Track Blues youtube video. 
Steve Zirkler plays guitar, bass, drums and harmonica on this short cheerful soundtrack with shaky video, shot on a train between Naples and Rome.
Terumi Zirkler is the cheeky model.

 Steve Zirkler's youtube video playing keyboard and singing Georgia by Hoagey Carmichael. Though guitar is his main instrument he can play some basic keys.
Steve Zirkler's youtube lesson in banjo basics   doing a cover of Howling Wolf's Little Red Rooster.
Shredder is the late night guitarist who keeps the neighbours up. Steve Zirkler put this little cartoonish video together very hastily with his original guitar work.
Hope you get a laugh out of it.

Dylan's just a kid, but has been working across lots of areas in mini-movies, dance lessons and musicals. It's a long way to the top if you wanna be a triple threat but Dylan's steady effort and a good brain makes him a strong contender.
He's now in high school.Good luck mate !
Steve Zirkler's youtube harmonica lesson doing a cover of There Ain't Nothin You Can Do written by Deadric Malone & covered by Van Morrison and later by the amazing Andrew Strong of the famed Commitments movie.