Steve produces some CD/DVD/books for help with your singing, guitar & music study, currently  only available directly through Steve as mixed media DVDs including PDF books and video support.

He also has written songs and instrumentals available under various titles on CD and DVD.

He can produce or write for your specific need. Call for details.
He writes and produces a variety of music for adults and children.

More On Guitar  series aims to give basic guidance through charts & DVD support for players with some experience, not complete beginners. These books  help you identify some common patterns without getting too technical & to understand many tunes as well as create your own.
Available as a mixed media DVD with PDF book and video support.

More On Singing
Everyone sings sometime in a life, but most haven't thought about it deeply.
Singers often do it for years before they even get to read a book about it or take a professional lesson.
As someone who has made a living and a life from voice, I started writing about it a long time back and  there is a lot  to learn. The book is written to be interactive.
That is, as you read, you will be asked to do some things which are physical exercises, written and organizing tasks. The book is not just a list, but a manual which as much as possible, I've tried to put you into.
This is not a handbook for the Diva or Superstar, but for everyday people who want to get more out of their voices. I hope you will enjoy it. It is about 70 pages including some color photos, charts and a DVD which helps explain some of the concepts with more clarity than the written word can tell.
I've included some of my songs as I wouldn't write such a book without putting myself on the line as a singer. Would you ?
Contact me directly if you would like to try my books available as mixed media DVD including PDF book and video support.
Enquiries from any interested publishers or distributors are welcome.

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