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Private Lessons     January 2013 update
Most people start singing as a hobby and don't think too deeply about. For some people, singing becomes a job, and like any job involves some study and skill development. I sang and played for many years, making some regular minor income from it before I  thought to read a book about singing or seek out professional advice.
I was making money doing music without really knowing what I was doing, but I realized I'd do better with some study.

Professionals, aside from their commitment to the art and business of music do think differently from hobbyists.
What works well for a hobby often won't work over an extended period of time. There's a big difference between singing just a few songs and doing a 4 hour show several times a week, rehearsing daily and studio time etc.
With that in mind, finding a coach and advisor will help improve skills, your sound, and importantly preserve your body.

Individual instruction  is $30 per half hour lesson. This time is generally sufficient to review past assignments and set new  ones. Successful students always do something at home between lessons on most days. effort in = results
As a general guide, 30 minutes daily practice can go a long way to being a competent musician.

It's  not my policy to bully students into practising. I simply aim to give students a musical experience regardless of their level and give guidance in setting realistic targets. It is up to students or the fee-paying parent as to how much practice is enough.
I have occasional conversations with kids who clearly don't practice as to how their parents might better use that money.
Parents usually know if their kids are working on it and certainly parents need to make clear their expectations regarding practice. This conversation is worth having before commencing and at regular intervals after if it is an issue.
As for adults, I'm happy if students come along and simply enjoy what is to be enjoyed.

I work to a 4 lesson commitment and at the end of a set of lessons, students who want to continue learning  pay their fees at the fourth week.
A spot cannot be held for a student if it has not been paid for.
If you miss a time I unfortunately cannot guarantee make-up lessons or refund as that lost time can never be recovered. I try very hard to keep my promises. You won't turn up for a lesson and find I am not there. I know fair and honest people do appreciate this is the way it must be.

I choose a program to suit the individual needs of the student, blending related theory and exercises when it is useful with the practical arts and techniques of singing. Overcoming shyness is another big step. Some of my students have an opportunity to perform with me or solo at one of my regular venues. I do work also through a local music school that has twice yearly concerts for students.
Many of my students play and learn an instrument, particularly guitar as it is my speciality so we combine the skills of both vocal and playing to help develop a versatile musician. I have basic keyboard skills and can teach points of acompaniment here. I can sing and play keyboard with a tidy accompaniment of chords as I understand the theory and commit a little time to practice. Learning an instrument will provide a reference point for singers to absorb the vocabulary of musicianship in a practical way. You will be able to identify a chord or key and discuss it with other musicians. You will have a point of reference to know what makes harmony work.
As music encompasses a multi-disciplinary skill set, you can be sure that any coursework has potential to increase literacy, physical awareness and power, historical and cultural elements as well as the raw elements of music study.

A typical lesson could contain:- a  review of some previous lesson points, some popular songs for singing and building a repertoire, an exercise for physical development and possibly improvising from a rule. Collecting, organizing and arranging music into a useful file is part of the process. A range of songs including folk music, jazz standards and children's songs might also be included. The use of microphones, PA systems, recording equipment and music software becomes a part of the lesson as appropriate.

From time to time a recording project or video project could be part of the lesson. I have various music software including Sonar X1 Producer, Sibellius, Cubase and Mixcraft with various plug-ins to these programs. It's always fun to have a result you can share with friends and family for their entertainment.

Please e mail, text or call for your appointment. 0422 056 671 Surfers or Bonogin
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