Private Lessons  Gold Coast Surfers Paradise and Bonogin Practical and Theory

Private lessons give students regular experience playing with and learning from  professional musicians. Learning from "someone who makes music a living and lives from music" is quite different from downloading internet tabs, jamming with machines and working things out without support from a coach. Those are valid ways to learn and improve musicianship but aren't a replacement for interactive live play situations with experienced musicians, and of course a program of instruction that systematically covers a full complement of musical skills.

Individual instruction  is $30 per half hour lesson. This time is generally sufficient to review past assignments and set new  ones.
Of course individual lessons allow some scope for students to follow their musical interests with consideration to an ability level and wherever possible this will be considered when tailoring a lesson program.
Successful students always do something at home between lessons on most days. As a general guide, 30 minutes daily practice can go a long way to being a competent musician.

I work to a 4 lesson commitment and at the end of a set of lessons, students who want to continue learning  pay their fees at the fourth week. A spot cannot be held for a student if it has not been paid for.
If you miss your lesson time, I regrettably can't guarantee make-up lessons or refund as that time is lost and can never be recovered. I try very hard to keep my promises and in this way you won't turn up for a lesson and find your teacher is absent.
I am expecting honest people do appreciate this is the way it must be.

Please e mail, text or call for your appointment. 0422 056 671 Surfers or Bonogin

Steve plays Georgia on Keyboard
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Steve plays Ain't Nothin You Can Do
a harmonica lesson in
"call & answer" style
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Steve plays Forever by Ben Harper
on a tenor Ukulele
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