Steve Zirkler as a versatile player on guitar & vocals, goes solo for a range of music that covers classical to popular and whatever may lie between. Best to discuss your requirements for your events, restaurant or bar. Steve currently doesn't use machines as many soloists do, so it really is live music. It's fair to say Steve is not trying to be a band by playing along with a programmed backing. If you need a beat ...........................

Steve also teams with drummer and vocalist Jeff Ahearn in a duo called "TWO OF A KIND"
or "SCOOBY DON'T" and can be seen playing up and down the coast from Cabarita as far as Brisbane. It's all live and only live with 2 voices, guitar and drums creating a unique blend through a range of popular music.
For a fuller sound Steve teams with various bass players for a 3 piece.

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Call  Steve or text message on   O422 056 671 for your enquiries and bookings.

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Email steve@dreammag.net

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